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A Self-styled Expert Explains Everything

Are Arab terrorists out to get us? What’s their beef? What exactly is gomg on here? Since the ‘War OnTerror’ now seems to be a permanent part of life I thought it worthwhile to do some investigating. All I had at the time were the usual stereotypes about Muslims: how they’re said to abuse women, how they bow down to pray five times a day, the wonderful paradise awaiting them when they die. I acquired several popular books on the subject of Islam and its founder Muhammad, and dug in. The following is s brief summary of what I’ve learned so far.



Muhammad didn’t realize what he was getting into. All he wanted was a little law and order, some stability so he could conduct business unmolested. Instead, he created a new faith from scratch that by the end of his 23-year prophethood was well on its way to becoming one of the world’s major religions. There are those who might see this accomplishment as something akin to unleashing a new, particularly resistant strain of bubonic plague on the world. That’s a little harsh. We have to consider conditions that prevailed in Arabia circa 600 AD..


The Roman Empire which had civilized a big part of the world never quite masde it to Arabia. The closest it ever got was to Arabia’s western edge. In Muhammad’s day a Christianized remnant called the Byzantine Empire still hung on there. Across the border in Arabia where Muhammad lived life was in chaos. There was essentially no rule of law. The population consisted primarily of individual tribes scattered over the landscape, each with its own leader. The various tribes were constantly at war with each other, battling for survival. Not a great place to raise kids.

Or to run a business. Muhammad worked for a trading company headquartered in the town of Mecca. The company’s caravans while out on the road always were under threat of attack. Muhammad spent a lot of time thinking about the situation. On his days off he’d go out to a cave near town and brood. He knew God, or Allah as they called him there, had once sent a messenger preaching a better way of life. Something about the messenger had irritated the Roman rulers so they killed him. A bit of the message had rubbed off though. Those folks over in Byzantium still abided by it, not very well but sure a lot better than here in Arabia. Muhammad wished there could be some way get his own people to import some of that love-thy-neighbor philosophy.


Imagine Muhammad’s surprise when one day the Archangel Gabriel suddenly appeared before him in his cave. It seems that Allah had been working on a plan to re-introduce Christ’s message, just as Muhammad had been yearning for. And this time, by golly, he was going to make it stick. That certainly was good news to Muhammad. He felt better right away. But that was just the beginning. Gabriel went on to inform Muhammad that he, Muhammad, had been hand-picked to help out. Muhammad in fact would become Allah’s personal messenger. His job would be to make Allah’s wishes known to the people.

Had Allah read Muhammad’s mind and picked him because he knew Muhammad was inclined that way? Or had Allah planted the idea in Muhammad’s head himself, to soften him up for the announcement when it came. Maybe he’d been grooming Muhammad all his life. That could acount for a number of bizarre incidents, recalled later, that happened in Muhammad’s earlier years. (Another possibility is that Muhammad just made the whole thing up: no Angel Gabriel, no Allah. This idea is expanded on later; for now we’ll stick to the official story.)

It’s a litle easier to understand why Allah might have chosen the city of Mecca as the place to make the big revelation. Mecca had long had a reputation as an extremely holy spot. For generations Arab tribesmen of various religious persuasions had been journeying to Mecca, for the chance to worship their dieties at the Kaaba, that big black box in the center ot town. It’s possible that Allah had been considering using pilgrims like those as a good way to spread his word.

We can conjecture all we want but of course there’s no way of ever knowing the facts. What we do have is Muhammad’s own testimony about how he felt on learning of the new job. He wasn’t at all sure he could handle it. He told Gabriel he was just a simple man, no education. No way could he consider himself qualified to speak for The Supreme Being. Gabriel assured him he’d do just fine. Gabriel would tell Muhammad what to say. All Muhammad had to do was repeat what he heard.

By Bob_Heitzman
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I don't think it matters if Islam began with three puppies playing in a garden. What's more relevant is how the dogma is playing out now.

Athena Level 7 July 16, 2018

Islam is evil.

Jacar Level 7 July 14, 2018

Islam is written, changed, manipulated by humans just like any other religion. The religion owners keep nation loyal by giving them write to keep there womens hostage. This is the best selling point compare to all the other religion. The words are hypnotizing and they force you to repeat it in Arabic, hypnotizing people. The religion is a scam with treat for less of a men. I was born muslim and as soon as I turn 18, 21 and strong enough to call people out. I started calling my family men, less of men. I have not only cut ties, but I am the one who show them the money trail. More people need to grow up and see the money made by Islam. its a scam to make money for arab nations by stealing the GDP of poor nations. Arab get assylum respect in the world as they are white while the poor nations take the blame of this scam religion. people in Asia are stupid. I wish for the day when religion became a choice and parents lose the right to force there children in to there nutty cracker believe.

Arshi Level 5 July 12, 2018

Great this guy made a good lie to fix his blood thirsty tribal issues, in the past. Why in earth humans still believe it. This religion is sold to poor nation with no running water, no electricity, etc, and it makes lots of money for the new nations like saudia, palestine etc. The religion is primarily sold by intimidation. you control the women, you control the nation. The new rules of islam was written around the time British, french etc where leaving the colonized nations. Even in western countries only the poor or hypocrites practice religion. Its all about money, Islam is not free like chrisitanity or Jewdism. They all run on money, you have to pay to learn arabic, read quran, buy there holy water, heaven foods. Its like a gang they provide you protection, family, etc. The marketters lie in poor countries that westerner are converting in drove. Listen to the sermon they give in the mosques here in USA. We have so many stupid people, no wonder we have Trump as president. Just like chrisitan they bribe the politicians, lobby etc. All religion is about money. Many people with common sense are stuck in poor country and its in there best interest to be religious or your family have to kill you. But who am I to defend idiots. They are told to breed like rabbits, just like mormon do. Its all about greed.

Arshi Level 5 July 12, 2018

You are setting facts together collected years after there actual occurrence!
Muhammad was illerate, hence could not read or write in his own language of Arabic!
Yet, when you speak to any Islamist or Muslin they will tell you how Muhammad was visited by Allah who taught him to write the Qu’ran!
Any sane rational person would find this simply a pipe dream use to convince illiterate and ill educated individuals that a illerate cold blooded murderer, rapist, and pedophile as a founder of their so called religious beliefs!
One wonders how such complete ignorance is schewed as religious belief!

of-the-mountain Level 8 July 12, 2018


GipsyOfNewSpain Level 8 July 12, 2018

A very fair and astute appraisal. This was a desert culture in a very harsh environment. In the context of the time drawing the warring factions together was essential. The achievement of Islam to fill the power vacuum left by Rome is an incredible feat, along with the advances in science, geometry, astronomy and so on. As usual, its the ulterior sub-text that causes the problems, not the initial intention.

Geoffrey51 Level 7 July 12, 2018

So what?
Islam is just as messed up and pointless as every other religion.
They ALL suck.

KKGator Level 9 July 12, 2018

Islam is even worse...it's kinda like that booger-eating little cousin that everyone has that has to touch everything with his nasty little booger fingers...you know the one...the one you wanna push down the stairs when your mom or aunt is not looking....

@goldenvalleyguy Islam and Christianity are the same religion. Anyone who thinks Islam is worse is just buying into a thousand years of Christian propaganda. They are both drenched in blood.

@Druvius You are exactly right. Opposite sides of the same murderous coin.

@Druvius ..they are both dreadful...however the Koran has so much more violence & hate inside it's pages....

@goldenvalleyguy I dunno, the bible is still bloody and violent in it's own right. I was raised on the Old Testament. The koran isn't any worse than that.


Not the same.

When you leave your Christian faith, they stop inviting you to the church picnics.

The punishment for leaving Islam is death.


Nonsense, Prejudice against humanity, fascistic notes of explanation shouldn’t be a goal of this crowd
Does not add up
Japs and Nips portrayal were same during war with Japan and same portrayal of Muslims?
Something does not add up and makes me unstable and hesitant 😕

Antidronefreeman Level 8 July 12, 2018
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