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Penises. Let's talk.

I thinks it's pretty much universal among us men that we love our penises. Big or small flaccid or rock hard bends to the side or straight bulbous head or rocket shaped. They are very useful and highly practical designs. They feel good when they brush up against your leg in the middle of the day. They are hungrily sought after by some women and viled by others. Now we know that some women come down hard on penises whenever the subject comes up. So the question I put before you is why do some sick weirdo women not love our penises? They call them ugly they say things like I don't want to see that thing. Junk. How dare you even exist with one of those terrible things.

Isn't it about time for men to stand fully erect shoulders back chin up and say we're not going to put up with that nonsense any more by saying, hey if you don't like my penis you're blocked. If you want to try to humiliate or demean me simply for having this wonderful appendage you're blocked.

I think that eventually all the hateful bitter women that think it's their right to express their hate and bigotry about our great penises will all end up in the same room with others like them that can spend their time doing what women like them do.

Up with penises!

Anonbene 8 July 12

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Mine has been a source of pleasure for over 50 years now. I forgave it a long time ago for not being huge and we have a comfortable relationship with each other. Even urinating is somewhat pleasant too, especially if you’re out somewhere like a forest and you can aim anywhere you like.

AND we can write our names too!

@Anonbene you are being mean and envious! lol

@Anonbene Awwww man, now I want more than one. Like a set of crayons, one of every colour, shape, and size.


WHAT?! I can't believe such creatures exist that hate penises, and don't know you well enough to call you are a liar! lol

I would never get anything done if I had one...I like sitting straddled behind my partner and pretending it's mine...nice to have a built in joy stick...

Ah the reach around. ?

Read the thread from admin about the proposal to add more detailed sexual preferences in the bio. Yikes!


What? Who are these women who hate penises?

Mmmm. I think penises go great with my morning coffee.

hope you don't use it to stir it (the penis, the coffee)?

There are hundreds of them on this site and men everywhere thank you for your support.

Read some of the threads on dating and you'll find the ones I'm referring to.

Recently there was a thread asking if there should be more specificity in the bios about sexual preferences. Man, did admin get an earful. As in, keep that disgusting information away from my tender eyes.

It prompted my post.

@Lukian Only if it’s long enough to reach the bottom of my giant coffee mug. But shhhh I like my coffee black.

@graceylou hmmm there are a couple of jokes in there I could tease but can't quite but my finger on it. (wink)
Too bad you're here for the community, otherwise the Richard pics would fill you (in)box in no time!

@Anonbene I can understand penises aren’t what all women want but there’s no reason to hate penises. Live and let live.

@Lukian Well, “here for community” hadn’t really stopped anyone. LOL. Anyhow, it wouldn’t bother me.

@graceylou my spidey senses are tingling... the internet is slowing down... too... ma..ny... pi...c...s... b..e...i.....n......g......s.............e.................n........................t.

You reminded me when we were young, older men would often say to us about our ignorance of sex "it's not for stirring your tea, you know".

@brentan LOL. Well, I wasn't the one who said anything about stirring anything with penises. Except may be stirring up trouble.

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