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Yesterday as I left vegas to drive to Albuquerque a storm was brewing.I took sky pics all the way from the car you could see the cloud that far away. My battery died as I drove into town with a full double rainbow that was incredibly bright, and the cumulus cloud at sunset with with mammata was equally awesome. NOw i have to go through the pics and see what came out

btroje 9 July 12

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Can't wait to see them.


Have fun!


Can't wait to see..?


Good luck with the search! Battery problems seem to be the common theme in every photo I ever take!

Salo Level 7 July 12, 2018

so far nothing as exciting as it looked in person

Yeh I know that feeling. But often when somebody else takes a look at my days failures they'll pick out one that's turned out well. Usually not in the way I intended so I didn't notice.

@Salo its all good. its just great to see things that seem exciting to share even if they don't come out that way

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