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The only secularist at the table......

So I belong to a meetup group called Libertyville Intelligent Conversation. We have friendly discussions about everything. It was decided that our next topic was going to be about the changes in religious demographics in America, for instance why is church membership down. I realized I was probably the only nonbeliever there. Could be an opportunity for religious types to get a better understand of our kind, if only there were more respresentation of nonbelievers.

BTW, we meet tonight if anyone is in the area and interested.

itsmedammit 8 July 12

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I think you are wasting your time in the sense of hoping to engage sensibly, but not if you enjoy the discussions for their own sake. I think I would prefer to have unproductive discussions with people than no interaction at all.

We've been meeting for many months and have enjoyable discussions. I'm not really looking to convert anyone, but I think a healthy exchange is always fun. And maybe a few seeds do get planted along the way.


Turns out there were three other Atheists types there and no one directly challenged any of us though I wish someone would have at least asked questions. It was a large group with a lot to talk about so maybe they just didn't get to it yet.

The discussion started polite as usual but kinda went up in flames when a couple of Christians started arguing about the existence of hell. ;^)


Wish that I lived close! Good topic for discussion. My feeling is, that even when people leave ‘the church,’ they are not free of religion yet! That stuff has been so ground into our takes time to get clear on ‘what is what,’ about religion and what it takes to be a good person! Because, most all people want to be seen as a good person! My leaving was gradually...but there were times I felt shame, until I found all of my true nature!

can't have politics w/o religion i guess

@bbyrd009 ...the people who created our Constitution thought we could and should be separate...and then the religious people acquired lots of money and took their preaching to the airways (got more money), and the Republican Party hitched their wagon to the religious zealots! Because, they wanted to ‘win,’ so bad they were willing to sell their souls! That is where we are today! Soulless...with a highly religious government! I can only hope the rest of us can ‘get out alive!’


Sounds interesting. Could be a good opportunity !


Could get akward! Good luck!

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