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Watching the Strzok hearings!

It is all too laughable that the republicans act like scolded little moronic screaming loudmouth brats so very afraid that the fascists who owned then and control them, who have obviously been force to exhale the same line of idiocy and moronic questioing!
These elected republicans control by fascist overlords are repeating the same dead horse questions to which can only be stated so many times until they have no force of actual query or practical response!

I personally have never been so embarrassed by these so called elected republicans as a body which are allowed to decide my future and yours!

By of-the-mountain8
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I’m afraid when those republican piecesofshit are done with this nation their audience won’t recognize reality when it marches them to the firing squad…

It’s those in the middle, likely the ones paying the least attention, our future depends on. You know, the ones when asked two weeks from the election who they’re voting for and say they ‘haven’t made up their mind’… I wonder what they watch?

Varn Level 8 July 12, 2018

I want to kick some ancient Chinese ass. May you live in interesting times, bah! I'm ready for boring.

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