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Watching the Strzok hearings!

I have never seen so many Rude so called fair and unbiased educated elected officials who are acting on such a infantile level to protect a criminal admistration who has sold out this country out of pure greed and distaint for the people of this country!

You can see that republicans have sold out so completely to the fascist overlords that they are nothing but traitors.

This is far more bewailing than any third world or banana republic kangaroo court!!

This has to be the most ridiculous moronic show by these republican politicians who are own by the fascists who have become full fledged fascist to promote they they own sick insane demented agenda to enslave and indenture the people of this country wholesale!

Never in my lifetime have I view so many mentally incompetent individuals representing the people of this country!

of-the-mountain 8 July 12

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We are living in a shit show!

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