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GMO Food Labels: []

By Druvius7
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I just started supporting the GMO project. I will admit I pay 3.00 extra for eggs but I feel it's worth it.

MrChange Level 7 July 13, 2018

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phxbillcee Level 9 July 12, 2018

That was some good reading thank you for sharing.

Sheannutt Level 9 July 12, 2018

I am all in favor of some GMOs, those that don't poison the earth with plants resistant to herbicides and insecticides thereby chemically poising the world and threatening its creatures, Especially, I like bees and it is sad to see how increased use of these terrible products are demolishing bee populations.

cava Level 7 July 12, 2018


Would you please provide evidence the statement that GMO's are involved in diminishing bee populations? I don't think there is any credible evidence.


@cava [] Some farmers use GMO's. Some farmers use neonicotinoids. That is the only connection. There are no GMO's that produce neonicotinoids. It is coincidental. Stop believing there are demons in your food.

@CrazyQuilter Stop being a shill for a dirty business that is only concerned with making a profit and is not concerned with the harm it is doing to the world, There are better alternatives than poisoning the earth.

Crying shill is always the backup plan for people with no credible evidence. I've experience in environmental toxicology, pesticide residue testing, pesticide regulation, and commercial farming. Where did you learn about those things? Do you believe the guy selling you vegetables at the farmers market for 3X the cost of commercially grown is not in it for profit? If you want credible evidence, go to Toxnet and see the thousands of studies that prove your dramatic documentary false.

@CrazyQuilter Those that make or support the breeding of plants so that they can tolerate excessive herbicides or pesticides are engaging in environmental changes with little or no regard with what it is doing to our environment system. Your are trying to shift the argument, which is typical. To my mind it is immoral.

@Fanburger I thought you weren't talking to me. If you read this thread you would realize that I am not against all GMOs.

@cava Gmo's are made to utilize less herbicide. Lots of data to prove that. []
Many studies are done on the environmental fate of pesticides as a requirement for registration. These are reviewed periodically to allow investigation by new analytical methods as they become established. It's all very boring, so I guess it doesn't make many headlines.

@CrazyQuilter I understand that these studies may rely on distribution trends prior to 2010 at which point super weeds and super insects showed up and inspired increased use of all kinds of herbicides and pesticides which were piled on to our poor earth.
You really don't see this do you?

@cava [] Herbicide resistance has been a problem longer than 2010 and even before GMO's. We crop consultants always advocate rotating chemicals with different modes of action to avoid resistance issues. Integrated pest management incorporates Best Management Practices that utilize both cultural, biological and chemical controls. It's also stated on pesticide labels. This is why is important to continue to develop new herbicides with novel modes of action. People who grow GMO corn or soybeans can rotate between Roundup Ready and Liberty Link varieties to combate herbicide resistance.

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