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My kind of therapy right here.

mistymoon77 9 July 12

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We must make sure the working class don't get to see these memes. We need them in the projects, surrounded by grey buildings, far from the sea or anything remotely beautiful. Some groups might learn to live fulfilling lives, hopefully just the rich and upper middle-class. They can self-actualise, Maslow-style, and the rest can eat, sleep and multiply.


In that moment everything is great, there is nothing like being one for awhile! I enjoy this by just climbing on on the motorcycle and cursing just me and the wind!


Yeah but its not...

Amisja Level 8 July 13, 2018

How sad, your glass is empty! ??

@Barnie2years Yeah but it was good 😉


Or at least imagine things will be okay. 🙂

We must imagine Sysyphus happy.


When I do that I just get even more stressed about how much this reprieve costs, how much stuff I'm not doing while being there, and how my problems are all still there, waiting for me

Like going on a drinking binge.

@VAL3941 But safer!...LOL

Not so sure, ever heard of tsunamis.

@VAL3941 LOL

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