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Religion has done many good things as well as caused much pain and suffering, death and ignorance. On a scale of 100, how would you rate good vs bad Abrahamic religion's effect on today's world (ie..50/50)?

rogueflyer 8 July 13

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I’d say it’s about 75/25 negative to positive. The church suppressed scientific thinking for hundreds of years, it caused much pain and hardship through crusades, witch burning, missionaries spreading disease, blocking contraceptives, and so on. Even today creationism is pernicious, as are threats of hell, the idea that prayer is effective at anything, the patriarchy, control of people’s lives by the priesthood, tithing, the number of villainous ideas just keeps coming.

Compare that to the sense of community and morals that they provide and the good works they do, it just doesn’t seem like much of an upside.

Denker Level 7 July 14, 2018

On a scale of 1 to 100, I'd give it about 10. Where would we be, as a species if the Library of Alexandria not been razed, the Inquisition not happened, the Catholic church not acquiesced to the Nazis, indigenous peoples not been introduced to civilization through some religious subterfuge, governments allowed to rule without some agent offering divine guidance, or interference in scientific inquiry from some religious group or other? But hey, it did get us some pretty buildings!


What is good in religion is not original, what is original in religion is not good.

Every good achievement claimed by religion, has been achieved elsewhere by secular means and then stolen by the clergy.


It has become increasingly dysfunctional and unsuited to modern, urban, technological life. And increasingly marginalized as a result.

A lot of what is going on that they have a clear role in driving (Trumpism and other forms of fascistic, xenophobic paranoia) just represents their death throes -- always assuming of course society and culture don't regress to some dystopian detour through history that breathes some temporary life back into their ideology.


Like everything else humans do, there are constructive and destructive consequences. We need to stop blaming those things which are fundamentally neutral, and start taking responsibility for how we manipualte our actions and the interpretation of them to serve our purposes.

Religions helped us get out of our caves and develop societies and were tied to our fundamental need to explain and create order out of what we saw and experienced, to whatever extent that we could with our limited mental and emotional capabilities. But then we perverted what we developed. That's human nature and not much has changed. LLOL 😉


I'm going to give it a high number because I dread to think what life could be like if it had never existed. 80/20 for me.


20% good. (Keeps Christians from being criminals)
80% bad. (Enough said)

I wonder if the new multi-millionaire tax-free scammer preachers qualify as Christian criminals?

@rogueflyer lol

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