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Does anybody like Lymericks? I was considering creating a group strictly for the publication of Lymericks (the dirtier the better). It would favor ( but not be limited to) originals and would have a disclaimer informing "prudes" or "P.C.ers" to steer clear. I'll check your response to this before I take any steps. I am a poet and songwriter and take this poetic form very seriously.

fishline79 7 July 15

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It’s your fault...........there was a young man from Kent.....who had one so long it was bent.......he stuck it in double to keep out of trouble........and instead of coming he went.

Oldie but a goodie. The the thing is, they can't be edited, so If I guess I won't be able to do it if Agnostic won't allow it to be raunchy! I posess a rare hard bound volume of 1800 Limericks, almost all "off colour" and mostly anonymous and written in the trenches in WW1. The British soldiers, faced death daily and they "let it all hang out" to quote a platitude from 50 years hence. Having said that, my main object is to entice people to create their own dirty limericks.


If I were write a limerick
I’d be either a poet or a silly pr…
I’d write witty rhyme
All of the time
But not rhyme the last verse just to be a d…


I have to point out that limericks are spelled with an I and not an Y. They are named after a city in the Republic of Ireland, called Limerick.

Of course it is! "Freudian Slip." Thanks for the correction. Don't worry. Won't happen again. mAnd speaking of Freud, hereis a brand new one for today.

A Teutonic head shrinker named Freud
Thought that therapy should be employed
To seduce all the Freuleins
With cunning and coy lines
Like "you don't know your cunt from your boid" (C. David Fishel, 2018)

Now that's what I'm talking about.

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