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I'm meeting 3 of my new boyfriend's kids and several grandkids today. We are hosting a bbq. I'm not used to feeding so many people. We are expecting around 20. I'm a bit nervous. Wish me luck.

Kadygee 6 July 15

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How about a report, please?

It went great. We all had a wonderful time

@Kadygee GREAT NEWS! Thanks...I have a big smile now!


Keep smiling!


Pictures or it didn't happen.

Ok. ?

Ok. ?

@Kadygee A hippie lovefest ... I love it! ?
You know we live vicariously through you, right? Your success is our success! ???


You'll do just fine, have a great time 🙂

ipdg77 Level 8 July 15, 2018

How fun! And you'll do fine. 🙂


You'll be fine.
Have fun!!

2 have 3 new boyfriends? 🙂

Yes and they all have kids ?

@Kadygee Hahaha!


things will do great. That is the way things work. Relax, you will have lots of time later to freak out.


Stay loose since nothing so positive as a bbq
can really go wrong.
You're doing great.


Good luck. I bet you'll be fine once it gets started!

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