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I just finished a fabulous book that is so enlightening about the religion. God : a Human History by Reza Aslan. It traces the rise and changes of religion as people have risen. Essentially we have made god in our image, and as we went from hunter gatherers to living in governed societies so did our gods. I had a few light bulb moments, he put some historical facts in perspective. I highly recommend it.

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It may interest some here to first research Reza Aslan's credentials. He is certainly the media's "poster boy" intellectual "American Muslim". But it looks to me that non-mainstream progressive personalities call him out on his self-claimed credentials.

Sam Harris is certainly not a fan of Aslan. (And I seem to remember, but my memory is hazy on this, that Harris' friend and occasional collaborator, Maajid Nawas have also questioned Aslan's motives.)

Here's David Pakman's video questioning Aslan's credentials:

I enjoyed this book. He says at the end that he is a pantheist so he's not exactly a traditional Muslim. He's more like a Sufi. Mysticism is pretty much universal, no matter which religion it springs from.

I read "Zealot" which I rather enjoyed, and later saw him in several debates and lost any respect I had for him. He has made a lot of claims about his own education that are not true and is a bit sloppy with the truth in other areas.


You might also be interested in a book, "When God was a Woman" I examines the history of female deities and how they were subverted by men. Just goes to show that all cultures invent some sort of supernatural power to explain the unexplainable.

I checked, and it is not at my city library. I'm too frugal to buy books. I will put it on my wish list and maybe one of my kids will give it to me, Mother's day is coming. Christmas just past and today is my birthday, it isn't going to happen soon.


I added it to my list of books to read. I was greatly relieved that it isn't that long. I find reading about religion in general to be onerous. However, I get a lot of good recommendations of books on this site, most of which I enjoy reading.

Best book recommendation from this site to date(01-06-2018) has been "Sophie's World" which is a novel about the history of philosophy.


From what I've seen, Aslan seems to be an apologist and revisionist for Islam.


Aslan is still selling Allah to believers. ...his scholarship is above average but has lost debates with Sam Harris crying dead crocodile tears

Surely he avoids the truth Mohammed raped his 9 year old bride on her wedding night

Alleged Muslim "feminists" point to illiterate Mohammed's first wife who taught him to read and write the Quoran


Will buy it for sure.

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