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"Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos"
Here's something puke-inducing that was on the FB page of a friend. I need to do some serious work on my FB friends list.

ProudMary 8 July 17

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What the actual fuck? It's one of those pieces that turns you off at the title ("The TRANSFORMED Wife"??) but teases your curiosity just enough that you will read it, and leave with a look of disgust on your face while muttering, "Well that's ## minutes I'll never get back."


They forgot: to carry an AR-15 and be able to hide the bumpsock up their vajayjay. The latter being implied.

Lukian Level 8 July 17, 2018

Worst. Dildo. EVER.

@Blindbird but if she can accomplish that.... she's all woman (mini barf)


Dr. Laura on your Friends list? lol


I had to punch out at "meek and quiet spirit".

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