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They come from everywhere. They come from every imaginable occupation. And they come here to celebrate what makes them unique and yet a part of something bigger than themselves. They number around 130,000. Perhaps you may be one yourself.

Snickers77 8 July 18

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Ne3ed to be world wide all the great humans


That's a lot of people but maybe if they were rounded up in their own localities, they could be signed in for the help they so desperately need.


Went to the Brisbane one, it was great 🙂

@Snickers77 how cool. Have you seen the movie Paul? It's great and all starts with a trip by some hapless Brits to Comic con 😉

@girlwithsmiles hilarious movie!

@Snickers77 definitely worth a watch 😉


I have never been but would love to go someday.

@Snickers77 I hadn't even considered that! Now, I want to go even more!

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