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I'm absolutely sickened.

My mother talked to the coronors office for details since no one would tell us anything.

He, luckily, did not commit suicide. He died of a heart attack, likely from heatstroke. It seems that I'm surrounded by heart problems, heh. My aunt had a heart attack a few months ago, but by some miracle the doc managed to find her shriveled lump of a heart. Anyway I digress

The part that sickens me, that disgusts me to my core, that brings a serious rage towards my uncles children and friends

He died SUNDAY. He was found wednesday AFTERNOON.

THAT'S FOUR FUCKING DAYS HIS BODY LAY THERE COOKING IN THE TIN CAMPER. FOUR DAYS and it wasn't even his kids that found him it was his concerned neighbor friend who noticed the dogs hadn't been fed in a few days.

FOUR DAYS HE WAS ALONE ROTTING and I cannot think of any fate so lonely and horrible and how SCARED and ALONE it must have been and to be forgotten like that...

Its almost worse than if he had committed suicide. I'd rather him have felt alone than to actually be left like that. I've SEEN how terrified people are when they die like that I WATCHED SOMEONE SURROUNDED BY LOVED ONES HOLDING HIM DIE TERRIFIED AND MY POOR UNCLE WAS ALONE AND NO ONE COULD BE BOTHERED TO EVEN LOOK.

I'm 9 hours away, and if he hadn't told me his phone was broken and he was waiting for a new one I would have hightailed it up there myself or called the police up there to go check on him at the least. Ive done it before.

But his own fucking kids didn't notice when he when Mia for days.

That's so fucked up. I can't even express how upsetting this is

LadyAlyxandrea 8 July 20

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Like, WHOA!

JacarC Level 8 July 21, 2018

I'm in tears reading this. I'm so sorry. I'd be angry, too, that no one could bother to check on him. No one should have to die that way.

I appreciate your empathy and kindness. The coronor said it was probably very quick, if not instant, but still, it's only a small comfort. I'm still so angry about how long it took for someone to notice, but I'm just glad he wasn't suffering very long. I'm angry but at least he was gone and hopefully not a ghost watching as his loved ones ignored his death for days


Wow, so sorry for your loss. I get most of my family news 2nd hand, too. Very frustrating!


I am speechless. You are correct as I agree that that is not proper. You can be mad, you can scream and yell, you can even use capital letters and sware, but you cannot fix it. It is hard to write as I am looking through tears, I felt bad and am on my way home, stopped to wait for a store to open and decided to check posts. I grieve with you and wish I could give you a hug, some can't spell the chocolate and peanut butter cups I am keeping from you, and perhaps share some stories about your loved ones. Sorry for the loss, sorry for the lack of consideration.

It means a lot to me that you hurt for me. I can't express in words how much it helps to know that someone out there can hear my heart split open. I don't know how to explain it but it is comforting

@LadyAlyxandrea that gives me joy, this is the reason I joined this group. Only by bearing your soul do you allow someone else in. Thank you, we each have our world and point of view, it is good to share.


Hugs. I'm so so sorry



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