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A woman at work who just returned from maternity leave, did not know about my recent promotion. And I didn't know she didn't know. So when I told her she was all "Girl thanks be to god!" and then I responded "Girl, NO it was all me! smiling" and she continued with "How I'd love to have your blessings!" and I said "Well I got this on my OWN! smiling" and she said "Jesus always knows what we need!" and I said "Girl, I know what I need and I worked hard to get me this job! smiling. She finally gave up and said "Let me rub your arm so that I can have some of your mojo rub off on me!" and I said "Sure! Here ya go! smiling" Hahaha!

LilAtheistLady 7 July 20

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Did you ask her why she would need your 'mojo' if Jesus is going to give her what she needs?


Congrats on reaping the rewards of YOUR efforts !

Thanks! 😀


Congratulation on the promotion and also on being able to smile. That was probably one of the hardest things you have ever done. You earned that promotion.

It was seriously indeed a challenging conversation. I suspect she knows I'm an atheist and was intent on some confrontation about it. She was shoving my shoulder intentionally I felt. I was pushing back in a way her manipulative ploy did not expect. I shut her down by not giving her what she wanted, and I still made my point clear. 🙂

@LilAtheistLady , Qite possibly she wanted you to get snippy and make a comment confirming you are an atheist. She might then go gossiping around the office in the hope of causing trouble for you. Keep the smile on and stay cool. Cool, that show my age. What is the modern term?

@Nakiarogue I think "cool" is still OK. Just don't use "gnarly" anymore. Lol

@LilAtheistLady If I am talking about a tree may I say "gnarly" or will I make sound like an obscene tree?

aha, got another for you. What would you think if I offered to give you a "poke". That one is a more Southern expression.


Keep on smiling, my friend! You know your value, and so does your employer. These blessers don't realize just how condescending and dismissive their remarks can be.


Wow, she was relentless. Good for you for standing your ground, and congratulations on the promotion.


Lol , that always happens with me , I just smile and I don't say anything

Haneen Level 5 July 20, 2018

Smart move because you may not know the views of others and their influence on your career if they discover you don't share their beliefs.


Ask her whose body gets the credit for 3D printing a human a few months ago, hers or Jesus's.


Congratulations on the promotion. I can't remember where I heard it, but has anyone ever noticed that when things are going great, people are so quick to praise God, but when everything is going wrong, no one blames God for all the bad they are encountering. Like when the athlete scores a touchdown and says that God had them score that touchdown, but when they drop a pass or fumble the ball, no one ever blames God. These athletes practice practically every day, why can't they just realize that they are the one making all the great plays withouy divine assistance.

Remember, 2016, when they had that massive Ebola outbreak in west Africa? Suppose that'd be the wrong time to ask about blessings, huh? Think the word's 'insensitive'.

I've often heard christian friends say that the bad things are due to them not having enough faith. So it's god if it's good and them if it's bad. Recipe for ill health I'd say....

@Guttermoss I would agree.


Lol. Good for you.

On another note, I've been praying to the ancient god Marduk as a social experiment to prove to my Christian mother that Marduk blesses me as much as Jesus blesses her.


@Bendog - Lol


I've read about doctors who feel slighted when god gets praised for the outcome of the procedures, God wasn't elbow deep in their guts, but whatever. Congrats on your promotion and pat yourself on the back.

Your comment reminded me of this:

@VictoriaNotes perfect!!


LOL that's awesome.....shoot down that bullshit. Especially at work. There is no place for that at work.

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