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If reincarnation is a "thing", and you had a choice - who would you be in your next life? Me - a cross between Danica Patrick and Lizzy Hale! \m/

Tri3xy 3 July 20

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A honey badger.


My jolly self!


I'd like to come back as Trump's father, that way I could wack off into a Kleenex the sperm cell that fertilized the egg he came from.


I never got the love for Danica Patrick.

It's more of a chick race car driver thing for me (especially after the Espys).

@Tri3xy If she didn't have a vagina, she wouldn't get near a race car. Completely without talent as a driver.


I want be a big shaggy dog a loving family. I need a break from being human for a few cycles.


I would like to come back as myself, knowing what I have learned in this life, and then going on to learn more in the new life. I think it would be impossible to be a baby with the thoughts of an adult but perhaps all the things previously learned coming to mind in the early adult years.

This is a topic discussed in some religious circles about the young Jesus and what he may or may not have known about his alleged previous existence in heaven.


As I stated before, I'd want to come back as a cat owned by a crazy cat lady.


I would want to return to be a space traveler. Explore all that awesome universe of which I am a part. Oh well, from star dust am I made and to star I will return so at least my atoms in some form or another will be floating around.

As for being someone different I guess I am ego centric, I like me. 🙂

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