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When I start thinking of God the first thing comes to my mind is where it is and how it looks. But since my child hood I was taught god is everywhere even he's is inside you this is what forced me to think which part of my body god resides. Is it the brain, heart, stomach, legs and hands or every part is god itself.

Dushyant 4 July 21

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Luckily for me, the Beatles & Monty Python addressed those concerns


Please define your god and explain how you established the truth of what you were taught.

Maybe then we can discuss where this god might exist.

I have seen no evidence of any existant god, so please enlighten me.


Maybe that's the cosmic god, not the boyo with the beard!


Are you a believer in god? If so, you should find somewhere else to get dates-this is an agnostic website.

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