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Greetings to the community. I have already made some comments on threads that interested me but decided I should introduce myself a little.

I am elderly, a woman, opinionatedl intelligent but can't spell or type very well. I learned to read at a young age. My mother did not let me read the old testament. When older and I did read it I figured she probably didn't wanted me asking her to explain the weird things in it.

I did become interested in the idea of god later on from roughly 18 to 38 I was immersed in religion. To explain why would make for a long post so will skip it for now.

Part of the reason I rejected Christianity was because it was so male oriented. I realized that Paul founded the initial community and is in my opinion when big male chauvinist

That is enough for now. Thank you for reading. Please comment and maybe tell me a little about you..

Nakiarogue 5 July 21

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Welcome to the community.


hello and welcome also a diabetic but hell to that stopping me drinking champagne 🙂

weeman Level 7 July 21, 2018

Yep, it doesn't stop me having my chocolate. Dark rich chocolate.

O h good, I am having trouble with Chrome and am using Edge and thought I lost spell check but I still have. Spell Check saves me from looking like a comple asshole dumkoff.


Welcome! You'll fit in wonderfully here! Sit down...let us buy you a champagne!

Thank you but I don't care for Champagne, can't spell it either, Not on my diet as I am diabetic but I will take a nice glass of red wine. It is the thought that counts they say. Who ever "they" is. I do hope I will fit in as I am having a great time.

Seriously I was getting a bit lonely. I am not house bound but it is hard for me to get around as we have no accessible public transportation where I live and I am dependent o others for transportation. Don't worry or feel sorry barbecue I have a good home, friends both online and offline. I did miss having like minded folk to just chat with though.

@Nakiarogue This place is fun because you can say as much or as little as your mood strikes. We seem to have a wide variety of ages and locations but we're all alike in our rejection of theism. AND...we seem to share our humor.

So...I'll drink your champagne and present you with a lovely red wine. How's that?


A little more about myself because I am not the most likable person on plant Terra. My moral code is actually based on two tenets I learned from the Christian New Testament then learned in some guise where in many major religions then went on to learn that in some form they just were the right way to behave. I Sometimes I break the, pick myself up, apologize and move on trying to do better.

  1. Judge not less you be judge for as you judge so shall you be judged.
  2. Treat others as you would be treated or at least do not treat others in a way you would not want to be treated.

I am a gamer that is how I came to the Internet about twenty years ago. I started playing computer video games to escape from a serious personal tragedy. Now I am addicted. Currently back to playing a couple of building games but I have also played RPGs. I don't do MMOs (is that the correct abbreviation?) because 1) I am elderly which slows down the reflexes and 2) I have an eye impairment which also slows down the reflexes.

Just to give you some idea of how old I am I was born before TV made its entranced into the public world. Oh heck why not tell you. Are sitting down? I had my 83 birthday May 31, 2018.

Anyone hear older? That would be fun.

Hi! I'm 88, going on 38. Keep thinking young. Too old for sex, but hugging and cuddling is still fun.


Welcome. Hope to see you in my corner of Agnostic .com 🙂

ipdg77 Level 8 July 21, 2018

I love the pink hair. Considering that in less than 24 hours I made it to level 3 I will probably hit your corner soon. 🙂

@tfg1929 Hooray, I would praise the lord if I knew which one to praise. I am overjoyed. I am ecstatic. I love you. You are my hero already. Please keep in touch with me. I am NOT the oldest person here. That is really unique for me. TSk, tsk, one of my Australian Friends tried putting me in the past it cage and I politely told him off. Not too old just maybe a little slower? No I am not volunteering I am taken.
Side note: in 2003 I joined an active gaming forum and I credit those young people with keeping me mentally alert and young. There were in their teens and early twenties and mostly from the UK. Still friends with some

@Nakiarogue My corner isn't level protected, we're all equal here 🙂


Hello and welcome. I bet you have a lot of stories to tell!

Yep, some are even true.


Welcome on board, take a seat 🙂

Salo Level 7 July 21, 2018
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