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I finished watching a very interesting (well, interesting to ME) BBC documentary about fragrance. It showcased the house of Gurlelian, and how they still follow a lot of the "old school" practices of making scent, and how so many other scents, especially designer's scents, are more about maketing and money, and not about the true "soul" of scent.
My question today is, what is your favorite scent? Why? What emotions does it evoke? My first "real" parfum that I purchased for myself was "Dans la Nuit" by Worth. It came in the iconic cobalt blue Laliquie bottle. It was in 1986; I was 21. When I smell it, it still envokes memeories of Paris (where I purchased it).

AzVixen52 7 July 21

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Hard to think that they once killed whales just to make people smell better.

azzow2 Level 9 July 21, 2018

Ambergris. They now use synthetic. Hard to believe people still eat animals.

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