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Anyone else feel dreadful Sundays because it's followed by work Monday? I can honestly say by 5pm Sunday I really feel dreadful. It's nothing but anxiety for the rest of the work week.
My job isn't really that stressful. It's some of the people on my team who micro manage employees that's annoying.

Iamkratom 7 July 22

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Your not living in the present, meditation and mindfulness can help you get back to where you enjoy your work.. whatever it is... I know this because it helps me... I work in a music store, sounds like a bowl of cherries but corporate bull can put a damper on it. I meditate before work most days and go to work looking for how I can be of service and kind to all kinds of customers... mental preparation in this way helps bring the joy back to a grind. For all the time I spend at work I don’t want to just live for the weekend, it all has value. All the best to you... suffering is optional☮️

Good advice. I like suffering is optional. You are so right!


Nope, usually by this time of my Sunday I start to get restless thinking about all the things I will be doing on Monday and the rest of the week. I am lucky enough to say that I love my job and I even get paid !!!!


Past time for a new job better suited to your character and values.


I always hated my life when I had to be an employee I'm self employed now and my life is wonderful there is no such thing as Sunday to me I work what days I want and I take off what days I want so what day of the week doesn't even matter


I'm lucky enough to have a job that I enjoy and a manager who shields his people from friendly fire. I might start to think about what's coming in the week ahead on Sunday evening, but know that if there were anything really urgent somebody'd call. Sorry to hear you don't have it so well. I haven't forgotten what that's like.


I hear you....

Yanya Level 7 July 22, 2018

That is the worst! Can you make plans to look for another job? Or do something to make this one more workable?

At 55, $16.00 plus OT and benefits ( which I cover ) it's a struggle to find an equivalent. I have been wondering if working two jobs that equal the same amount would be worth it in the end.

@Iamkratom I feel you! Maybe it is time for a sit down with the bosses? Talk about your work and see if there is a way to lighten things up? I like my job, make good money, or at least enough and cover medical for my daughter and granddaughter. There are days when I would like to do something different. I am 51 so that is not realistic. You may have to make a move towards somwthing else if your mental health can't take it.

@GreatNani thanks. My mental health is at stake.
Not worth it

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