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Commenting on another's comment elsewhere, it occurred to me to ask that if there are other seniors in this group; do you utilize your local Senior Center (assuming you have one within reasonable proximity)?

I used to go to the one where I used to live, and there were always lots of people there, playing cards, shooting pool, doing crafts, exercising, etc. It looked like a good place to meet people.

Where I am now (recently relocated), there appear to be several SC's fairly close, so I think I may start checking them out.

Condor5 8 July 25

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The senior centers that I go to usually have a bridge game going.

Well, there you go. All I'm trying to get at is that such places, if available to one, can be a place to socialize, to meet new people, and maybe have some fun. Right?


Not even at gunpoint. But please, you enjoy.☯️

Your bio shows you at 55. Honestly, I'm really talking to people 65 and up. I consider 55 to still be a youngster.

@Condor5 🙂


The only senior thing I do is accept discounts


I am in denial about my 'senior' label, so I avoid those places like the plague arrrgh! 😕


IDK if there is one here in San Antonio.

EdEarl Level 8 July 25, 2018

I went to my local one in Eden NC and a guest was a preacher that was there to talk about the food program but he started his speal with, let's bow our heads in prayer, I got up and left.

I find the same problem in my area. I'd love to be able to spend time with people of my age group. Unfortunately, most of them are relugutards.

With Republicans I can at least point out verifiable facts of Trump's sculldugery not so with the religiously afflicted.

@PalacinkyPDX Certainly not anymore than absolutely necessary. I'm involved with the local republicans, trying to change things from the inside. It's a slog, but I feel like there are a few who might agree with me, but have been scared into silence.


The town l live in is a senior center! Average age...55.

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