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Skeptics are often seen as negative people as we tend not to believe in things just because they're comforting. What moments in your life have brought your rational mind joy? lets share some positives.

Dav87 6 Jan 9

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Great question. My first positive that a rational way of thinking has bought me, is that I can be wrong. Finding out that I am wrong is a good thing, because it means I have learned something. Reading about the evidence for evolution, or the nature of our universe, or being able to identify evidence facts and proofs in subjects that I care about (whether I want them to be true or not) is something which I find very enriching


Instead of waiting for an imaginary next life, I try to spend as much time as I can just being here now. Flower colors, the feeling of the sun on my face and knowing it is ultimately what feeds life on this planiet, how adorable my pup is almost all the time (of course I'm biased, but wth), the feeling I get when I listen to a favorite piece of music. This ALL gives me joy because it's all part of the universe. As am I.


When something shity occurs, I don't think there is some kind of divine purpose behind it. It's easier just to move on and chalk it up some random bs that happened


Every time there's been a death. Being able to move on.


While it my surprise religious folks - the same things bring us joy as everyone else. Taking a deep breath while on a strenuous hike in the woods. Watching your children grow. Seeing a sky soaked with stars. A kiss on the cheek. A witty comment & knowing glance from a friend. The feeling after a job well done. And of course Tim Minchin - oh OK he brings skeptics more joy than everyone else I guess we aren't exactly the same.


Music, beauty, comedy, certain people, loved ones, pets, some personal accomplishments, reveling in the accomplishments of others, a child's smile, the wonderfulness of nature, going on trips


Time with my family, hanging out with my godson, a well designed system implemented successfully, riding my motorcycle on a winding road, a hike around a state park on a warm summer day.


My kids mom is schizophrenic and refused to add me to the kids birth certificates because, I refused to believe in her diety. Child protective services took the kids away. I had zero power to stop this because I was not on the certs. I had to go through tons of legal red tape to achieve custody. One thing was an many interviews with CPS social workers. I was sitting in a naked government room social worker came in sat down. She said you have 2 options you can walk away state takes over you have no responsibility. The second is you can fight for them in court. Before the words left her mouth. I had said I never even thought for a second to give up on them. I do not know if I shocked her or what. She was the best alliance that I could ever have gotten after my statement. She directed the best attorney to me and did everything legally she could help me get my twins.


Recently Australia finally brought in marriage equality, it was a long hard fight, and so embarrassing that a country that likes to think it is enlightened and gives everyone a fair go was so slow to do this. Sadly it shows how mis-represented we are by our leaders, I would say in Australia, the majority of people do not agree with the decisions our leaders make. Really make you wonder why we vote them in, easy, we are stupid and like children are easily bought.

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