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Attended an interesting sales pitch on new insulation idea. This family owned business has developed this 3 layer insulation, no more than, one forth inch thick that has a thin layer of copper on one side and a thin layer of aluminum on a thin sheet of plastic. It is installed in attic over old insulation and blocks heat out (aluminum side) and retains heat in (copper side) winter. But, the owner of the company, gave his sales pitch as ‘an American owned company and faith based family business.’ Even promoting a small ‘faith’ based charity that they run. They were based in Arizona. This seems to me to be the same old story...when the proprietor brags that he is a ‘Christian!’ Can people not just sell their products without also, promoting their faith? I found this disturbing!

Freedompath 9 July 28

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What does xtianity have to do with insulation?

It seemed to me that the owner was promoting his business right along side his ‘faith,’ a meal was served as well, and he had to say a blessing over the meal! Just too much religion, to suit me!


It's disgusting..jist another holyroller schister.

When did America have to sell their religion along with their product? I thought religion gave us something to live by...not sell along with our products!

@Freedompath always hun..always..


That is disturbing. I am, nevertheless, intrigued by this insulation. Do they have an online presence?

Yellow blue, ECO Tech... out of Phoenix AZ. Interesting concept! There could be other companies similar, I have not had the time to research.

@Freedompath Thank you. I ask because I have an attic to insulate,

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