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I feel...So cheated. What the actual fuck...

Just finished watching Black Panther and I'm so disappointed. I heard such good reviews and I'm so let down by how mediocre the movie turned out to be.

To be fair it had a few good moments but still.

Thanks a lot, you somehow managed to ruin both the lion king AND superheroes you assholes. Great job there. -__-

wick3dwond3rland 6 July 28

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I really liked it. I find most of the Marvel films fairly mediocre anyway, but really liked both Black Panther and Ragnarok. Infinity War can kiss my Canadian butt tho. 🙂


I saw it , i thought it was quite good, butnot phenomenal. I wasnt into comic stories growing up so when seeing a movie about whomever im often lost in a way, what was a turn off for yourself? My opinions on Marvel or D.C. are not strong like i said im not a comic fan..

The action bits were awesome but the story part of it just seemed to drag out really slow. Also all the obvious lion king references. I usually love all the marvel movies but this one just seemed like they were trying too hard. I enjoyed some of the characters but unfortunately those characters couldn't seem to hold the rest of the movie up. Which is sad, I was really looking forward to watching this one =(. I hope they end up doing the venom movie better but I don't think I'll be gong to the theaters to watch it like I was going to after having watched Black Panther now unfortunately.

@wick3dwond3rland well all valid points , i understand


then your tastes are a bit skewed compared to others because I found it excellent as did all my friends.

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