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Hello everyone. I'm not sure what to say in this first post. So.. Hello! If you'd like to talk about anything, just shoot me a message. ????

Gunnsmith57 3 Jan 11

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Greetings, nice tongue pic 😛


You know how the salutation to the beginning of the Twilight zone goes. This is exactly the opposite Welcome to the realm of the realistic.


Welcome to our little place and we should be Able to talk about anything because there is no bible directing us. May you find Fun here without restrictions.


Hello to you sir

Odyn Level 4 Jan 11, 2018

Hi. Welcome. You got an interesting handle there.

Thank you. I'm actually a trained gunsmith. Had to add an extra N a while back cuz the regular spelling was taken on a site and just never took it off to save myself some confusion.


Hi. Welcome.

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