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Gosh is it ok to talk to folks with no heavy money on this account ?

DennyClaude 1 Jan 11

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You can talk to me. I carry bills as much as possible. But, if you feel I should go get a few rolls of quarters...

How much money we make rarely comes up. Rich, poor or anywhere betwixt all have a voice here.


This is a site to share comments, ideas. "Hooking up" is secondary. & money, no matter how you want to define it, is not necessary, just ideas. If by money, you mean "ideas", feel free to listen/comment for a while, & contribute as you feel comfortable. I may have missed your point entirely, & you may actually mean money/dollars. If that is the case I will go with some of the comments below..."huh"?, or, "What?".


Assuming you're asking "is it ok to message or even participate in discussions when you've made little contribution so far on the site, based on level or in your term 'money'", I say yes.

You have to contribute somehow sometime and even if all you want to do is message people after reading their comments on other topics; I for one would not be opposed to someone messaging me saying <read this> by you and <liked/hated> it but wanted to personally discuss it opposed to putting myself out there.


Heavy mone betters terminology. Large wager on situation.


Please elaborate.

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