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One of the delightful outcomes of the weekend byelections in Australia was the failure of a member of the South Australian Downer family to be elected.
"the Downers, who have come from a long life of privilege and nepotism. Alexander Downer's parents were involved in political life and the aristocracy. ....So, yes, things have changed for Alexander Downer. The constituents in Mayo have wised up and have chosen politicians based on their policies.
Perhaps the lesson to be learnt here is that you cannot rely solely on nepotism and privilege to get what you want."

FrayedBear 9 July 31

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Not such a downer after all! Best of luck with the new person!



What happened to us in the the US?

Do not know.

I think, in fairness to the people who voted for Trump, thay desperately wanted somebody different to the 'business as usual' approach. So they got somebody different and now many people desperately want to return to the same old, same old.

@brentan I liked the same old same old. Steady rising GDP, steadily declining unemployment rate. No bubbles here folks. Very predictable. What's not to like?

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