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It’s crazy how crazy religions think the other crazy religions are crazy and that their crazy is the right crazy

HarrySlick 7 Jan 11

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Those crazy loons...


Religion was invented to control the masses.


After learning about magic underwear I believe my idea of level of what is crazy has been exceed.


Yes it’s totally crazy!


Yes it is crazy as hell. The Christain’s believe that if you don’t accept Jesus as your savior your going to hell. So basiclly that means the Jews, Muslim’s, Hindu’s and a host of others are all going to hell. It’s just totally nuts to think someone is going to hell to suffer for all eternity for not believing in something for which there’s no evidence even exist. I find it hard to believe people fall for for this so easily. It’s just something that’s been drilled into them from a young age I guess.


My imaginary sky dad can beat up your imaginary sky dad.


I have posted the cartoon before, but most apt here.

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