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Im kinda a socially awkward person, any advice on how to become more casual with my social interaction?

Blue-eyes 6 Aug 1

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  1. Take a communication skills class at the local community college.

  2. Introduce yourself to 3 new people each day and shake their hands.

  3. Join small groups and talk with people. Meetup can be fun.


Talk about what you know, like welding. Welding and metal work are big in art, so there's a good subject.


Stop caring.. Listen well. Say what you think, if that thins out those around you, you’ll be more comfortable with those who’re left.

Varn Level 8 Aug 1, 2018

I think reading something about Asperger's Syndrome would help, whether you're on it or not.


Sounds to me like you're spending way too much time giving a rats ass about what other people think about you. My advice? Stop.

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