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If one has these 3 gifts. That's all one needs. LOVE,UNDERSTANDING AND SUGGESTIONS to help another..If you have these three you have a great chance.

HardBlues69 7 Aug 2

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Seem to be drawing alot of blanks.
Too open ended.


Those are not "gifts"--they are attributes gained by interacting with other people. Love will not cure all problems; one can understand issues with other people, but if they lack understanding, the point is moot. I am not sure what "suggestions" refers to.

@HardBlues69 I am not insulted that you think I have a closed mind and "heart" (by the way, hearts pump blood, they are not the receptacle of emotions as the ancients thought). I find it rather amusing that you judge me based on a comment in a discussion. My opinion is that you are a bit delusional and lacking in logic, but I am not trying to insult you: that's just the way it is. And no further insult, but you sound very Christian in your outlook.

@HardBlues69 Wait, wait, wait . . . YOU can tell me, "One has to have an open mind and an open heart to understand what this is all about some do not. I guess you are one," which means that you judged me, said I have a closed mind and am cold and emotionless, which is what having a closed heart means. You tagged it with "Not trying to insult you that's just the way it is." You do not think that telling a person that she is closed minded and lacks emotion is not an insult? However, I found the proclamation amusing.

On the other hand, I wrote, "My opinion is that you are a bit delusional and lacking in logic, but I am not trying to insult you: that's just the way it is," but MY protestation that I was not insulting you did not count. You then add that I am shallow minded. Oh, that is rich with irony!

My dear delusional man, you are the one lacking in maturity. You use outdated expressions, "open heart," you insulted me, expected me to not be insulted by tacking on a caveat, and then, you are insulted by my honest appraisal of you. Hypocritical to the max--just like many Christians. Are you SURE that you are not a Christian?

You are laughable and I am laughing--while shaking my head in semi-disbelief over the illogical claims by some people.

@HardBlues69 By the way, "gifts of the spirit" is a well known Christian catch phrase used in the same context as you use. Perhaps you should change your choice of words.


Hard to eat understanding... But if that works for you, more power to you.


Compassion !! without that nothing but self will matter to you. If you can't see what somone else feels you just might be empty.


If that's what has been working for you, congratulations.
Your particular philosophy won't work for everyone.
Btw, I don't see those things as "gifts".
That implies there was a giver of such gifts.
I reject that notion entirely.

@HardBlues69 I understand your meaning completely.
I just do not agree with you, and that's okay, too.

@KKGator Oh, no, if you do not agree with him, you are close minded and cold hearted.


IT's never worked for me.


I think you'd be on your way to a morally good life. In the business world, you might not stand a chance. In marriage, your wife might prefer a man out kicking ass for a living.


Gift?? From who?? Do you refer to and evolved trait?


What sort of suggestions?

Carin Level 8 Aug 2, 2018

Lunch, usually

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