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I have an intuitive feeling that there is so much more to reality below the surface; there is more to the eyes than what we can see. We can use tools as extensions of our senses, but I sense that there is much more to be discovered, understood, questioned, and investigated than our limited perceptions permit. How much can we come to understand remains to be seen.

CuriousCreature 7 Jan 12

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there is a huge difference between looking and seeing.


Spider sense not joking about spiderman. Just that underlying feeling from sensory data that you collect.


"We can use tools as extensions of our senses, but I sense that ..." - oxymoron of the week. Well done 😉


Then someone else intuits the exact opposite of you, now, how do we find out which position is more accurate? How can we test your "intuition"?

Certainly, I'm asking how we can test your intuition that there is " more to reality"?


I generally agree.

I do feel more than the sum of my parts and the sum of my experiences. Whether that is something real or an illusion, I cannot say for sure.

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