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Isn't the word "consciousness" becoming an excuse to replace the outdated "god" word?.. the reason i am suggesting this is because the public whether educated or religious are agreeing that science is becoming a new form of religion. i have had debates on this topic. but even if science is becoming a form of religion, it is still way better than any known religion out there. and in my opinion, people still fear death so they start to add wrong ideas inside of the body of science by calling it a religion and that: since religion failed to proof god's existence and science does not give a damn about
god's existence, then god lives in each one of us under the new name: consciousness.

Basem 6 Aug 3

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It's becoming common for people to try to identify something we know exists -- the universe, or consciousness, for example ... as god. That way you can say, e.g., the the universe is god; the universe exists; therefore, god exists.

Often, this is a trojan horse; once you agree that this proxy for god exists, then they often pivot to talking about a more specific god, such as the Christian one. You've agreed that god exists in concept, now you get hectored about a particular god existing.


I'm not following your logic here.


sometimes it seems that many of us seek to frame something outside of ourselves, to put at ease the question, "is this all there is to it?" so various words become the names of those frames.

The simplest explanations are often the best, in this case the simplest being that this is indeed all there is to it.



I think there is a change in the air. Perhaps people are unsatisfied with the Richard Dawkins-type notion that consciousness resides in the brain so that when the brain dies, that's it for our personal consciousness. I like Rupert Sheldrake's concept of consciousness being out there in the meta-world, and the brain working as a tool to retrieve, process and store thoughts. So in Sheldrake's world, the brain can die and consciousness lives on.

How? wheres its power source?

@Simon1 According to Sheldrake, it exists in morphic fields.

@brentan ah bullshit then

@Simon1 OK.


Science doesn't require our belief and will carry on doing it's thing regardless of what we think, or don't think. It fails the definition of a religion on every count.

Salo Level 7 Aug 3, 2018

Science is not a religion in any sense that I can think of. We don’t worship science or scientists, and they never try to recruit acolytes. Consciousness is just another word for again I can’t see how that could be compared to god, I just don’t think your whole premise makes any sense. I have never believed in god and always believed in science as science only means truth and the search for answers. We will never have all the answers of course, but the search for the meaning of everything and truth will still go on.

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