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So, after talking to my mother she believes my lack of belief or lack of of tolerance for the church. Makes me no better than church goers because I don't respect their beliefs? ? Idk I personally couldn't give a flying fuck about what you believe until those beliefs impede with human rights and the functioning of our society as if it's law.

KKAloha 5 Aug 3

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I hear you. I wish these religious people would keep their beliefs to themselves instead of trying to shove it down everyone else's throats. This using religion to control people needs to stop.


Yup. But brain-washed, religious people can't think logically.
Or don't dare to.


We have no command to become "fishers of men" and recruit people to our way of belief. That's a huge difference to me. I do love to talk about my beliefs with willing people, but don't expect I'm going to change anyone's mind.


I'm on your side, buddy.


I'm not clear on what you're saying. Your mother thinks your no better than church goers if you don't respect their beliefs? That makes no sense.

Sounds like the demand of many believers for automatic, un-earned respect and deference for their views, no matter what they are.

The real situation is you can respect the right of people to hold whatever views they wish, but you don't have to agree with or find those beliefs beneficial yourself.

As you suggest ... it's a matter of general indifference outside the group until they start attempting to control people outside their group.

@Atheistcomicguy Suppose that I run a pedophilia ring and have a hundred child sex slaves. Suppose further that I believe I'm doing good in the world. Do you need to be more tolerant of me, or less?

This is nonsense. No one is owed automatic deference and respect because they are religious. Everyone gets a default level of respect for being human, and then from there they have to be good, honest actors and play well in the sandbox with others. It all has to do with outcomes, not ideology. Some religious people do good in the world, some do not. Some areligious people do good in the world, some do not.

There's no magic fairy dust for just being religious, sorry, Mom!


Love your mother if she will let you.


Is it specifically the "intolerance" she is focused on? And how is that "intolerance" manifested?

@Atheistcomicguy I see. So, it seems your "intolerance" is more frustration in the case of your brother, and with the JW's, more simply not wanting to deal with the nonsense. It sounds like your mother's idea of intolerance is your unwillingness to listen to the religious pov.

@Atheistcomicguy I'm glad you've found your way, my friend, it can be a difficult mantle to shed.

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