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Studying the cause of the Civil War...funny, and not very funny at all.

ProudMary 8 Aug 4

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Funny how that works.


New to ‘the south,’ my intruperation is the same as it is for our modern military.. Got nothing, go fight. Watch acquaintances killed, get angry. Return home, stay angry. Age, become self righteous. Pass it on and repeat…

Varn Level 8 Aug 4, 2018

I don't know if you live in the South or not. This degree of degradation is unhelpful. We need less division.

@ProudMary My position, of course, is that this sort of insult is useless and juvenile.

@ProudMary you really think calling anyone stupid is the best way to fight racism? Honestly, there is no better use of your time? Or is this to make oneself feel superior?

@ProudMary Sorry, I guess "I wish I could read" comes across as a bit of an insult to me.
Definitely not calling him intelligent.

"When they go low, we go high." -Michele Obama

@CallMeDave I'm sorry but I think you fail to realize that we're all on the same side here. You have created division yourself.

@SukiSue I beg to differ Sue. It seems Mary has given up on the ideals set out by Michele in her quote. For all I know, Michele may not feel that way anymore either. I do.
I didn't create this division. I stuck to principles. Others have not.


Apu knows his stuff:


Funny but sad, yes.

Carin Level 8 Aug 4, 2018
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