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I'm an atheist, but when someone says they're gonna pray for me or brings up their God in casual conversation or whatever, I don't turn it into an argument about the existence of gods. Until a religious person tries to insert their religion into my life or government, I kinda don't care what they believe.

StevenMichael 5 Aug 6

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seems a kind thing to do only assholes take every opportunity to blow things up


Completely agree. Live and let live. Would that more Christians followed that principle!


It is just what they were brought up to say. There is generally no malicious reason, it is just the only way they have of reacting. I till swear using God damn and Jesus Christ, just because I learned to swear that way from my dad and old habits are not easy to break, especially when you just walked your thumb with a hammer or dropped a bucket of paint. No time to be Atheist PC! ?


I agree compketely. And if someone asks me to pray for them, I tell them I will put a positive intention out into the universe for them. I know there are people who feel it is their mission to change the beliefs of religious people and I respect their opinion and efforts. It is just not MY calling.


I just thank them for thinking about me and try to stifle the snicker, to be polite. The thing is they are just doing it to make themselves feel better because they are unwilling or unable to do anything concrete to help.

@KissedbySun Good people come in all religious stripes good people are just good people. The world is fortunate that we have as many as we do.

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