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Just started a new job, and a male coworker has been really rude to me. There is a ton of turmoil and change here, so I just stayed steady and patient. Tonight, he called me to apologize for being a dick, said it was all on him - he's really struggling with his boss and friend leaving, and he promised to do better. I'm impressed.

skye724 7 Aug 7

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It took courage to admit he is are wrong but only if he follows through. I hope he does.
Congratulations on the new job, I hope it goes well.


good man wish i had had the balls to do that on several occasions instead of just letting things fester till they were basically unsaveable situations


Thanx for posting this!


Sometimes bad starts workout the best in the long run and visa versa.

I was brought in, basically, to replace his boss and very close friend. I knew he was struggling, and I just wanted to hang in there. The place is going through a merger, and the people are awesome - which is why I accepted the position. I think we have a good chance to make this work.

@skye724Yes, it's always somewhat chaotic with a new boss. You're the type of person that will control the situation and succeed. Good luck to you.


That is impressive. I like people who can admit they made a mistake. That's important.

I thanked him for his honesty and generosity. It had to be tough to make that phone call, and I was impressed.

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