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I want to thank antifa personally for doing so well at being the exact opposite of fascism. It's such an inspiration that you don't go around fighting people and breaking shit in defense of your view. Glad to see you don't block traffic to make a point because after all that just pisses people off and what if there was an emergency and someone needed to get through? Glad to see you recognize that. That shows maturity. I like that you don't burn American flags or anything like that. I like that you respect freedom of speech. You understand the value of the first amendment and you don't go interrupting folks when they're trying to give a speech. You realize that suppressing free speech is something fascists would do. That also shows maturity. Good on you. I like that you use logic instead of violence to make yourself heard. Good on you antifa. Keep being the opposite of fascism.

MrControversy 7 Aug 9

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Yes. They should do peaceful, orderly protests. Cuz that works.


Why are so many people trying to down an entity whose entire position is "Fuck Nazis?"

They ain't storm Omaha Beach for us to lay down to tiki-torch waving mouth breathers in ill-fitting surplus shop BDUs.

I'm a humanist, I appreciate all people. Except Nazis. Fuck Nazis. If it takes a few of them getting punched in the mouth to disappear, there should be a line from New York to San Francisco of actual patriots ready to dispense some chemotherapy on anyone supporting that cancerous shit-stain on history.


"You realize that suppressing free speech is something fascists would do" not exactly true. Fascism encourages and supports free speech to elevate hate speech. Antifascist countries have defined and made hate speech illegal (Canada, UK, Germany, France, etc...).
The concept of absolute free speech is a US only concept. Free speech is not immune to counter speech.


"What is the Antifa movement?" I asked Google:

"The Antifa (English: /ænˈtiːfə/ or /ˈæntiˌfɑː/) movement is a conglomeration of autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist militant groups in the United States.

"The principal feature of Antifa groups is their use of direct action, harassing those whom they identify as fascists, racists or right wing extremists."


I know very little of Antifa. My take on it all is that when you have stuff going on like America does today the answer cannot be joining a group or a cult. My politics might come close to Democratic Socialism today but joining something to reflect this is not helping. This may reflect some of the inner woes of the Democratic Party. We need focus.


I heard they don't bathe for some odd reason

gater Level 7 Aug 9, 2018
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