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“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
― Voltaire

They let their baby die over religious beliefs...


BohoHeathen 8 Aug 9

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Same can be said of a lot of Country Western and Rock bands. The power of enchantment (suggestion) is thriving.


Terrible!!!! I always wonder how can these things are happening in the 21st century?? Thing is that religion is like a virus.


Wow..this moron talks openly about the theory of evolution and specifically of survival of the fitest?

Insists that the weak should be allowed to die without intervention?

Yet he is a religious fundamentalist...

So he has let his innocent child die because he strangely believes in Darwin and God...Hitler would love this guy..


And can anyone doubt that it was the belief in absurdities that led the men to fly the planes into the buildings on 9/11.


Although I usually think it is good not to be too judgmental, of course we have deplore behavior such as this, and to stand firm against it.


Pisses me off that the innocent kid pays for the stupidity of the parents.


One of the great quotes


Hopefully their time in prison will be awful


This makes me very sad and disgusted.


Too bad Trump didn't do that with his kids... Oh yeah, he's only fake religious.

@BohoHeathen Maybe we should give Tiffany and Barron a pass...


This doesn't disgust conservatives enough it seems.

@BohoHeathen POTUS next several successors are not an option

@BohoHeathen, there has been a distinct tendency to have offensive Vice Presidents in the last few decades. I think this is to minimize assassination attempts.


Those cults have such ludicrous thinking.

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