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How many of you think that eating the "flesh" and drinking the "blood" of someone on Sunday morning each week sounds just a bit demented? Kind of sounds like some vampire cult! BUT if you do that, you get to go to the great amusement park in the sky when you die! What a deal!

creative51 8 Aug 9

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It is 'ritual cannibalism'. Some think the food stuffs turn into the DNA of their gods. All of them will deny ritualistic cannibalism to their last breaths. But I still enjoy watching the wheels go around when I tell them this.


Ironically, when I was an evangelical, that was pretty much our take on the doctrine of transubstantiation, which seems just as weird to a fundamentalist Christian as to an atheist.

To us, communion was just a symbolic remembrance.

That's rich in irony too, because we were literalists, and yet understood that "this is my body, take, eat of it" was metaphorical and symbolic. It's really an odd twist that Catholicism decided to take that particular thing literally when on balance it takes so many other things symbolically, especially compared to fundamentalists.


How much trouble WOULD you be in if you brought cheeze wiz to communion?

Give it a shot, then come back and post what happens. Inquiring minds want to know!


Makes me think of Aztec ceremonies


It is ridiculous, especially when you consider it’s just crackers and grape juice.

Not according to the guy that is handing it to you while he mumbles stuff. Transubstantiation ya know.

@creative51 I would ask him what proof does he have that it is what he says it is? If it looks and tastes like crackers and grape juice, then perhaps that is because it is...

@Denker You do not have to convince me!LOL


Cannibalism is always good in a survival situation.


It never sounded appealing to me even as a kid in Catholic education. Yuk.


Brainwashing can convince a child that this is sacred and good. It is god's way of uniting with us, albeit for just a few moments. After all if Christ did this with his apostles before he died, it must be true.

I cannot believe that I never questioned this until age 70.

What a power trip for the male clergy.


Straight out of pagan sacrificial rituals.

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