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These sneaky bastards got caught red-handed!


KKGator 9 Aug 10

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Enjoyed this.


ah, good news exist after all!


Let us shame POS Sessions and Nielssen. Pieces of garbage doing Trump's racist deportations.


They need a whole lot more judges like Emmet Sullivan (good Irish name)! You guys have got to get rid of this administration, whatever it takes!

A lot of us are working on that. Not sure just how successful we're going to be. November's elections will tell which direction is next.


That's one very brave judge! The executive arm of government decided it was the judicial arm too.

I said this the other day, but I swear, I've never been one in favor of military coups, but with 45 and his merry band of asshats in charge, I've changed my position. At least the majority of those in the military are honorable human beings that respect their obligation to the Constitution. Much unlike the assholes in the three branches of government.

@KKGator It might come to that after November.

@kensmile4u Indeed. We shall see.


Lock them up for contempt of court.

JimG Level 8 Aug 10, 2018

Oh yeah. The judge was PISSED, and is considering holding Sessions in contempt.
Wish he would.
I know I already do.

@KKGator I agree, and I enjoyed the witty word play too.

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