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Something I wrote a little while back & thought I would share.

ruby711 3 Aug 11

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And are willing to earn them at self expense.


So, a follow on question I might ask. What is the nature of truth? "That which has no exceptions" Sort of wins by default. But what if the following were a choice.

A. There is truth and there is false.
B. There is falsity and there is truth.
C. There is nothing that is not true.
D. Everything is false.

I subscribe to the idea that There is nothing that is not true. Anyone can believe whatever they want regardless of any sort of 'nature of truth' parameters which can be applied. This is how Trump continues to have supporters. I can't subscribe to everything being false because if it is manifest anywhere it contains truth simply by existing.

When you fall to the side of answer C you include all that you dream and desire and all that is manifest. There then is no search for truth that contains any prize. If it's all true you simply must make a choice. Does this exonerate trump supporters. Well, I suppose it must.


Should be the motto of all freethinkers!

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