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How many here have been to the OTHERside and remember? (I have)

Will-I-AM 5 Aug 11

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I Have Been There and back.
Chemical... Nurol or spiritual... All came down to the same thing for me...
I'm not out to Convince ANY ONE.
But I know what I was shown...
There is No True Death..
There is no 'hell"


And Please share here, if you want...


You may contact me


I've been what they call clinically dead for a short while. No heartbeat, no pulse, comatose. And there was nothing. But I've met other who went through the same who experienced things. It's generally understood that the brain, while hypoxic, can start conjuring up some strange hallucinations, as well as a large amount of memory loss around the event. So what we wake up with is whatever of those hallucinations we're able to remember, in my case none. There's nothing mystical about it, but many find with the disruption or total lack of other sensory inputs they seem especially real and convincing. Some find it hard to accept that they've been so thoroughly deceived by their brain or senses and actually find it easier to believe they've been for a quick trip to the woo parlour. I just had a lovely sleep and then some nice drugs when I woke up that ensured ALL the nurses were damn cute ?

Salo Level 7 Aug 11, 2018

Yeah, 'shrooms are cool.


1969 to 1972 Salvation Army, 1973 TO 1976 Methodist, 1978 to 2008 Atheist, 2008 to date Agnostic,

small photo of me 1971

Yeah I was an army brat...(salvation army kind) officers... Ugh it was I who converted them...
Till the event of CATASTROPHE...
IRIVOCAL AND SWIFT (ok long and pright thing )ainful!)

But have NO FEAR!

Hero's myth (do the right thing...
Act with honor!) Be famed!

Road not taken and all (wretch)
Has brought me here...


That was a very popular Gay bar in Boston..."The Other Side"

Xena Level 6 Aug 11, 2018

Go ask Osiris,,, when you're ten feet tall... ??


I have been to Australia is nice they have some intriguing Sheilas that like the down under.


Near-death experiences have been recreated in the lab by stimulating different portions of the brain there is no other side

@JustKip I get confused sometimes on this site. I thought it was about agnostics...a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God. You seem to know

@Xena atheist is also in the title

@Drsmash253 It says ""


Like going to an Alice Cooper concert and then going to work next day?

@JustKip Even more so!


The other side of what?

Perhaps the bed could chase the ghost turds around a tad.

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