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A new tactic of the progressive left, offer money to others who are willing to commit murder, to eliminate those who oppose what the left stands for and in this case ICE agents. []

While ICE is not perfect, if you value a civilized society with fairness and equality for all, a story like this should concern you deeply, as threats of violence against another person(s) is no laughing matter. It's time to stop focusing so much on law abiding gun owners and the NRA and shift focus on individuals like that dude who made the offer to pay those willing to kill ICE agents, because guys like him should not be free to roam our streets.

SpikeTalon 8 Aug 12

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You could report him to cops for placing a hit... and being a legal gun owner makes those threats diminish


Isn't this treason?


They arrested that guy

gater Level 7 Aug 12, 2018

as they should


I like your post. The left is under a spell right now it seems. Many liberals are in complete denial over the fact that their side is heading in an authoritarian direction. And this isn't a defense of the right either. Both sides are kind of fucked up.


It's illegal to put hits out anyone. Those are terroristic threats....and will lead to murder when nutjobs take it seriously....just as there were so many murders/assassinations of police officers in the past few years.


This mafia-like mentality needs to be changed. We need constructive thought and ideas to better our cultures and society.


What's the matter Bendog, too much truth for you, you had to retreat to your safe space and block me? You folks crack me up, you complain endlessly about what the political right does, but you refuse to acknowledge that the left is just as bad and actually worse. Look at those on the left who attend protests etc. alot of them are violent or promote violence, but that's okay just keep ignoring all that though because it doesn't fit your narrative. People like you are part of the problem, damn brainwashed meat puppets.

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