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Well the fencing isn't exactly going as well as I hoped! The walls uneven and the drill bit is too small for the screws and the willow fencing isn't as big as it's supposed to be! ?Any hints tips or if you live nearby and fancy an afternoons work??

Josephine 7 Aug 13

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Is there a guy named Inigo involved? I know what the problem is...


When I had seen fencing was thinking that is novel does she use a long or short epee?

Fencing you say...

@Josephine "As you wish."


Next time I'm in the neighborhood.

@Josephine That's wise.


Not bad , but if you don't have anything more than dirt as a foundation , it may eventually shift . Lot of hard work . More than I'd care to try .


Is that dirt next to the walkway? Depending on how deep it is you could dig post holes instead of trying to attach to the existing wall.


So sorry to hear that.

I'd hire someone. With the wall being uneven, it's going to take shims and spacers between the posts and the wall to keep it straight and level. Unless aesthetics isn't an issue.


Yep hire someone


Needs some brickwork too. Why not walk around the area and see what building works are going on..ask one of the handyman to pop over to have a a nixor?

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