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A little reminder about perfection.

ProudMary 8 Aug 13

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I always try to see the beauty in the imperfections. It's very easy to find it when looking outward. Much more difficult when looking inward. Thank you for posting this.


By default, humans are imperfect--or we are by the standards we set for ourselves. I am an imperfect human; therefore, I am a perfect human.


When I was a Jehovah's Witness, I was told that perfection in the Bible meant completeness. I'm not certain they are right but it would mean a perfect person was someone complete in themselves rather than just good-looking.

By that definition, still no one is perfect.

@MikeInBatonRouge No, but it is attributed to them through their faith.


Reminds me of a Stereophonics song, Just Looking:

There's things I want
There's things I think I want
There's things I've had
There's things I want to have
Do I want the dreams
The ones we're forced to see
Do I want the perfect wife
The word perfect ain't quite right

Perfect imperfect suits me fine 😉


The best thing about perfection is that, because it is a completely subjective notion and not factually real, the demand for it can also be dismissed as delusional.

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