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School started back up again this week... I thought maybe it would be funny having my daughter jump out of the car as I drop her off on the sidewalk in front of her school and have her start dancing around and doing the "Kiki challenge" as I capture it all on video. We eventually chickened out because we thought maybe it wouldn't be so funny after all risking her spending the first day of 7th grade in detention 😛

Alvingo1 7 Aug 15

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Detention? What about the ER?!

That's why we ultimately chickened out. There's no specific rules against dancing or anything but a moving vehicle (albeit at a crawl), filming someone dancing (so my attention is not on driving), in front of a school with kids running around, and surrounded by other cars with parents rushing to drop off their kids just seemed like an accident waiting to happen.

@Alvingo1 glad you came to your senses ?


I do not understand internet challenges.

dkp93 Level 8 Aug 15, 2018

@Bendog The one where people would eat a big spoonful of cinnamon (and sometimes choke) never made any sense to me...

It seems like it may be a relative of the goldfish-swallowing and fitting a hundred people in a Volkswagen trends in the 50s (60s?). I don't understand it, either. 🙂


Getting detention on the first day of school would probably make her quite the Internet sensation! Then again, North Texans take their carpooling quite seriously and you both may incur the wrath of the other carpoolers.

Cool to be a cool dad, tho. 🙂

Thanks! I try to toe the line between responsible dad and cool dad.


Detention for dancing? Public school?

Reminds me of how dancing was banned at ultra-conservative Baptist Baylor University here in Texas until the mid-90's.

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