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Well I just found out I hit Level 7 today. Whatever the hell that is. I just go with the flow. Lol. But I do appreciate it and I appreciate everybody on here.

HardBlues69 7 Aug 15

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At the risk of being a buzz-kill, if you care:

From Level 7, you have to go from 10,000 to 50,000 points for Level 8. Then you receive an T-shirt. Maybe it's a myth.

Gaining points is a long slog of writing posts, commenting and clicking "like."

I'm at 7.8. So close, yet so far away....




I hoped I would get invited to join the Freemasons but so far no. Maybe next time.

At least we get to approve some posts at Level 7. Oh, the power......

Level 6 does that also , approves some posts

Well, there's goes even that pleasure!


Me close

How you like the triple sixes lol


Now you will be put to work. With responsibilities.
Don't worry. I 'm fibbing! Congratulations.

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