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"The essence of the independent mind lies not in what it thinks, but how it thinks." -Hitchens (I miss that man)

lucas1995 3 Aug 17

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How true! Even on this site I can see a lot of herd mentality and group-think. The independent mind thinks outside the box and covers all the angles others miss.

I could not agree more! But from my ow experience I can confirm that playing the "advocatus diaboli" from time to time to rock the boat and disturb the herd mentality is not a strategy to collect a lot of likes (more "blocking" ) . (a)

@Matias Yes I have found that to be true too. I find the concept of “blocking” amusing! It runs absolutely counter to debate!

@RobLawrence I confess I don't actually know how to do the far I have just ignored and stopped reacting to those I find objectionable. I am really quite new to this technology and don’t know how to post music or links to other material either! I resisted going online for years until it became impossible to survive otherwise!

@Marionville I strongly disagree. Not everyone has anything worthwhile to say and I refuse to waste my time on idiots.

@RobLawrence Thanks so much! I so far haven’t found anyone a bit more than annoying but nice to have that option. My son is an IT Technical Manager and I got him to post my photograph for, next time I see him I will get him to run through posting links etc. I appreciate the offer of assistance and will contact you if I feel the urge to post something before that. ?

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