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A little helpful reminder

Crimson67 8 Aug 18

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Exactly. Copernicus and Galileo spoke the truth about our solar system. That doesn't mean that a certain group received their information with "open arms."


Why is this so freakin' hard to understand.

Outside of slander (and a few other instances ie: "fire in a theater" ) words are protected. Even so called hate speech.

Everyone has the right to be offended. If you are, own it. Just don't make it my problem.


People don't seem to know how to have a conversation with another person who holds a different opinion without becoming defensive - to the point of turning belligerent. Apparently - these days, everything is a contest and either you "win" or you "lose". 😟


While taking part in a Planned Parenthood rally last week (opposing the SCROTUS nomination) a very obnoxious and LOUD man with a bullhorn tried to silence us. Luckily, the police were there and he finally went away. There MUST be a way for people to silence the screamers!


I tried explaining this to some family members the other day. It didn't go well. Apparently "they" have gotten to me.


I hope that I never become that over bearing that you feel the need, however the door is always open.


Trumper is so upset with the criticism he is talking about using censorship on those he dislikes.He is becoming more and more like a nazi.


I posted this on Facebook, saying was directed to all those Alex Jones fans...

He trump and bucannan must be triplets


Really like that, I am going to share on my facebook timeline. Thanks


That’s also what blocking is for!



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